HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA)

HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA)
Creating a Platform for Enhancing Comparative Scriptural Knowledge

The HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA) aims to deepen religious exchange and understanding beyond a basic level of comprehension of different religious scriptures. As part of this initiative, HWPL is inviting prominent religious leaders from various faiths to deliver lectures at the IRPA. These lectures will serve as a platform for comparative scriptural research, promoting a culture of peace, and interfaith unity.

Over 2,500 religious leaders of different faiths worldwide will be invited to the IRPA lecture series.

The IRPA lecture series leverages upon our expertise in planning and conducting seminars and events both online and offline around the world. As such, our lectures will reach a diverse and international audience. HWPL’s team of experts and interpreters will facilitate international delivery of the lectures via Zoom, allowing for wider accessibility.

Here are the objectives of the IRPA.


To promote understanding of different religions and cultures through the study of scriptures, fostering religious and cultural exchanges.


To increase the number of religious leaders with a deep understanding of scriptures from various religions by providing educational opportunities for scripture learning, thereby expanding inter-religious exchanges.


To overcome misunderstandings and baseless accusations that lead to extremism and violence against religions by fostering efforts to understand the scriptures, which are the essential teachings of religion, thereby spreading a culture of peace.